Map of New York Congressional Districts - 118th Session (2023-2025)


This map represents New York Congressional Districts for the 118th session which convenes on January 3rd, 2023. The State of New York has a total of 26 Congressional Districts.

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List of All New York US Congressional Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty Affiliation
1st DistrictAndrew GarbarinoRepublican
2nd DistrictAndrew GarbarinoRepublican
3rd DistrictGeorge SantosRepublican
4th DistrictAnthony D\'EspositoRepublican
5th DistrictGregory MeeksDemocrat
6th DistrictGrace MengDemocrat
7th DistrictNydia VelázquezDemocrat
8th DistrictHakeem JeffriesDemocrat
9th DistrictYvette ClarkeDemocrat
10th DistrictDaniel GoldmanDemocrat
11th DistrictNicole MalliotakisRepublican
12th DistrictJerrold NadlerDemocrat
13th DistrictAdriano EspaillatDemocrat
14th DistrictAlexandria Ocasio-CortezDemocrat
15th DistrictRitchie TorresDemocrat
16th DistrictJamaal BowmanDemocrat
17th DistrictMichael LawlerRepublican
18th DistrictPat RyanDemocrat
19th DistrictMarcus MolinaroRepublican
20th DistrictPaul TonkoDemocrat
21st DistrictElise StefanikRepublican
22nd DistrictBrandon WilliamsRepublican
23rd DistrictNick LangworthyRepublican
24th DistrictClaudia TenneyRepublican
25th DistrictJoseph MorelleDemocrat
26th DistrictBrian HigginsDemocrat